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Do you and other estate beneficiaries disagree over who’s in charge, who’s getting what, or who’s getting anything at all? That’s a will and trust contest. We have the talent and experience to help you triumph.
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If you’ve been disinherited after a parent has changed an estate plan under pressure, or because of mental incapacity, count on Trust Law Partners to fight for your rights.
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Incompetence, laziness and outright wrongdoing can keep you and other estate beneficiaries from getting your rightful inheritance. But don’t get angry. Get Trust Law Partners on your side instead.
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Trust Law Partners is always ready to aggressively try trust and probate cases in court. But trials can be long, costly and disruptive. That’s why we also recommend mediation as a simpler but very effective
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With all the decisions they have to make, estate trustees can be loved or hated, and are often attacked for acting improperly. Trust Law Partners is ready to spring to their defense and protect their reputation.
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Estate beneficiaries can suffer significant financial and emotional harm when trustees do their job poorly, Fortunately, when this occurs these individuals can be removed. Trust Law Partners can help make it happen.
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