Will & Trust Contests

When estate beneficiaries disagree about distribution amounts, argue over who’s receiving an inheritance, or question who’s administering the estate and its financial affairs, that’s considered a will and trust contest.

More often than not, certain family members say the will or trust was changed in a way that adversely affected their particular interests. They’ll insist this was due to pressure—or undue influence—placed on the estate plan creator to benefit the wrongdoer.

Like so many of life’s encounters, there are winners and losers in any will and trust contest, and enlisting the right law firm can help you come out ahead. In these cases, Trust Law Partners will seek to either change how money and assets are distributed, or push to ditch the estate plan completely. Also, it may be necessary to remove the estate executor if they’re negligently using funds and depleting the estate’s value.


Contest a Will


Contest a Trust