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It’s not every day that you meet people you like. But occasionally a great group of people come together that just seem to click. It’s like that person you meet for the first time and have so much in common with—same taste in music, or similar odd taste for antique clocks. Whatever the connection, it just works.

That’s what happened with us at Trust Law Partners, LLP and Albertson & Davidson, LLP. We realized that we all had the same values. We stand up for our clients, we fight for them, and we do everything in our power to win. STAND, FIGHT, WIN, is the core of who we are. And as a bonus, both sides had outstanding paralegals and staff to help support our new venture

And out of that meeting, Vincere, LLP was born. The word “vincere” means to conquer. “Conquering” captures the essence of STAND, FIGHT, WIN better than any other word we could think of to represent our new, combined law firm.

We now have deeper resources and an outstanding group of top-notch professionals to help with any inheritance fight. We have offices in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Mateo counties.