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980K Recovery — A Case Study of Wrongful Inheritance

Trust Law Partners recently represented a critical case in which 6 of 9 siblings were fighting over the ownership of a house inherited from their mother, who was dealing with severe dementia and needed constant care.

While most of the siblings were helping to provide support and care for their mom, one sibling decided to take advantage of the situation and had their mom sign over the deed to herself. That sibling (the Respondent), claimed she was the one providing care for her mom and that the house should rightfully be hers. However, upon further investigation, we found that she was actually working a full-time job, in a completely different city — a classic case of Wrongful Disinheritance.

Trust Law Partners successfully argued that the ownership of the house should be split evenly between all the children. The results was a $980,000 recovery that was divided among all the siblings equally.

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