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We understand how complicated it can be to navigate trust disputes. Our blog is designed to give you the information needed to better understand how to protect your interests as trustees.


At Trust Law Partners we’re not just your attorneys, but we’re also your advisors and often a friend.

At Trust Law Partners, we speak to people all day long about tragic family disputes that range from the unpleasant to downright heart breaking. Having listened to thousands of these stories, we have gained valuable insight not only into the law, but the delicate and often emotional dynamics of family disputes. Most of our clients are dealing with the loss of a loved one, betrayal by another family member or members, and the scary thought of a courtroom battle. 

Although we are attorneys and advisors, we are also empathetic people and appreciate the intense feelings associated with this type situation. We pride ourselves in really listening to our clients and taking the time to hear their stories even if it is not legally relevant because it is part of the narrative of the case. After a few thousand of these stories, one cannot help but learn a few things about human nature, compassion, and the need to humanize what is happening. We understand that a big part of our job is to be there to advise, not only on the law, but also on how to deal with the stress associated with these disputes. Here’s a recent review from one our happy clients:

“Trust Law Partners helped me negotiate a difficult family estate dispute. Our attorney, Mark Russakow, was not only a top-notch lawyer, but was also a very kind, thoughtful person. Every step of the way Mark was there to advise on strategies to reach a just conclusion as well as listening and offering valuable advice to help me understand and come to terms with the situation. In the end, Trust Law Partners helped negotiate a very favorable conclusion to my case. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking counsel in matters of trusts, estate disputes and related matters. You’ll receive excellent legal assistance with a personal touch.” — Dave B.

At Trust Law, we care about your case and we care about you. Call us today at 626-956-3500 with any questions or for a free consultation — no fees upfront, no obligation.