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Better Together: Financial Advisors and Probate Litigation Attorneys

Financial advisors play a key role when a family member dies. They not only help with practical matters such as asset valuations, pensions, insurance and tax implications — they often act as trusted liaison for the family and offer emotional support.

When disputes arise between family members over the estate, it’s important to seek the counsel of an experienced probate litigation attorney to help navigate the intricate probate litigation process and ensure best possible outcome for your client.

At Trust Law Partners LLP, trust and probate litigation is all we do. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience in this area, and are passionate about obtaining the unique justice each client is looking for.

What makes us so successful? We build a customized legal strategy, then put our plan into action with the speed, expertise and determination that sets us apart. Whether through keen legal analysis, tough negotiations, or battling in court, each of our partners contributes distinctive skills to maximize our impact.