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My Sibling Stole My Inheritance

The most common scenario we deal with at Trust Law Partners is a client’s sibling stealing their inheritance. This can be emotionally and financially devastating, especially when they are already dealing with the loss of a parent or loved one.  One of the most difficult aspects of these cases is dealing with the pent-up sibling rivalries, childhood insults, and perceptions of unfairness that turn a lawsuit into a family drama of epic proportions. Although money is what people are fighting over, the reality is, trust and probate lawsuits can be more about confronting past emotions and feelings betrayed by a close family member.

These cases present themselves to us in many different forms:

  1. My sibling had my parent, who suffered from dementia, amend the Trust or Will just before they died.
  2. My sibling added their name to my parent’s joint bank account and now they claim the money is theirs.
  3. My sibling sold my family home after putting Dad in a nursing home and are keeping the money for themselves.
  4. They stole all the jewelry, cash, gold coins from the safe while everyone was at the funeral.
  5. They talked my parents into loaning them money to buy a house and now they claim the money was a gift.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Have you gone through any of these situations with your own sibling(s)? We’re here to help. Just fill out the FREE CONSULTATION form.  Our attorneys and staff work tirelessly to interview family members and witnesses, subpoena medical and financial records, and track down missing assets to return the stolen items and prove your case. We have the talent and resources to recover stolen inheritances even on a NO RECOVERY, NO FEE structure!

The attorneys at Trust Law Partners are very experienced in navigating these complex emotional and legal issues and are fully prepared to steer even the messiest matters to their best outcomes.  At Trust Law Partners we are not shocked about what family members can do to each other.  In fact, we expect it and are fully prepared to deal with it.