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We understand how complicated it can be to navigate trust disputes. Our blog is designed to give you the information needed to better understand how to protect your interests as trustees.


Recent Results

The most rewarding part of being trust and probate litigators is helping clients obtain their rightful share of inheritance and help give them a bit of closure during a stressful time. Here are a just few of our recent successes we’ve achieved on behalf of our clients.

Negotiation on behalf of an income beneficiary to receive a lump sum early payment of trust proceeds. The Beneficiary was concerned about the stability of the investments and securing payment in a lump sum as concerned about the security of the payment of income stream.

Beneficiary vs. Stepmother TrusteE
Dispute over payable on death insurance proceeds.

Beneficiary vs. BAD TrusteE
Improper exercise of limited power of appointment.

Beneficiary vs. SIBLING TrusteE
Trustee whom unduly influenced decedent to change trust at the last minute.

Beneficiary vs. BAD TrusteE
Professional Trustee whom improperly used assets.

Beneficiary vs. SIBLING TrusteE
Trustee whom improperly changed estate plan.